Wig Dealer

How Wig Dealer Increased Their ROI by 400% to 53X ROI

The Results


Increased Overall ROI


Revenue over Black Friday/Cyber Monday




Wig Dealer creates flawless custom wig units for their long list of clients, including Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. They are the leading luxury hair dealer in Northern America.


Monique, founder of Wig Dealer, wanted to grow her business even further, but felt like she was juggling 10 things at once with ads, social media, retention marketing, product development, and more. She craved an organizational structure that allowed her to feel rest assured that someone experienced is continuously optimizing her retention. Meanwhile, she felt her current retention marketing efforts were not going anywhere, with the lack of email design optimization, lack of sms foundation, and lackluster results for push campaigns. As a startup with limited resources, Wig Dealer sought outside expertise to guide their retention marketing plans and optimize all of their email, sms, and push strategies. Our team was tasked by Wig Dealer to do a rebranding of their flows, and sync retention platforms, with the goal of increasing revenue and customer engagement.


Rocketeer Media started by moving Wig Dealer to Attentive as their trusted SMS Partner. Afterwards, our team analyzed Wig Dealer’s customer base and identified areas that could be improved for revenue. Our team implemented a popup with a 15% conversion rate, which helped to capture more leads and improve overall site engagement. Additionally, with a exclusivity strategic approach, our team had success in selling out every product launch within 2 weeks of launch. Overall, our team implemented advanced automations that capitalized on low hanging fruit, resulting in a 328X ROI.


“Working with Connie and the Rocketeer Media team has been a joy! I’ve seen my business grow in ways unimaginable since they came on board. From strategy to structure, their thoughtful contributions have taken me to new heights. What’s more impressive is how excited they are about helping out – always offering creative ideas that truly made an impact. This past quarter was our most profitable yet – all thanks to them! Their commitment level, enthusiasm for success and expertise make them stand out from the rest; five stars every time!”


Over the course of the partnership, Rocketeer Media has helped Wig Dealer lead the way in becoming the #1 luxury hair company in Northern America. Today, Wig Dealer still continues to use email, sms, and push to capitalize on their strong customer database.

Thanks to Rocketeer Media’s efforts, Wig Dealer saw a 400% increase in overall ROI, with a 53X ROI during Q1, the slowest season of ecommerce.

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