Stay Golden

How we Skyrocketed Email/SMS with a Gen Z Viral Tiktok Brand

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evenue attributable to email and SMS marketing over 12 months


Aliya is the founder of Stay Golden, a Gen Z viral Tiktok brand that sells jewelry, with a combined 100+ million views on their Tiktok account.


Stay Golden’s primary challenge was to convert their Tiktok traffic into loyal customers by capturing all that traffic. However, they had no email marketing, SMS marketing, or knowledge of how to start. To address this, we were faced with the task of Stay Golden needing to create a brand voice that would resonate with their audience, primarily Gen Z, and make their messaging appear authentic and relatable. A personalized approach was necessary to make customers feel like they were part of a community.


Our team at Rocketeer Media helped Stay Golden set up the foundation for their email and SMS marketing campaigns. We started by setting up automations to capture their Tiktok traffic with various landing pages. We tailored the language used in our campaigns to match that of Tiktok and Gen Z. We created exclusivity around certain Tiktok viral trending products at the moment to create hype around them.

To create a more personalized approach, we sent personalized texts from Aliya herself to appear as a founder-focused brand. This made the customers feel like they were part of a community and strengthened their bond with the brand. We also created a sense of urgency around certain products to encourage customers to make a purchase.


Over the course of our 1-year partnership, our team was able to increase Stay Golden’s SMS subscribers by 30,000 subscribers, which represented a growth of over 900%. For 12 consecutive months, 35% of their revenue was attributable to email and SMS marketing. The personalized approach to marketing, with messages coming from the founder herself, was a huge success, and it helped to create a strong bond between the brand and its customers. To this day, trending videos are consistently paired with email and SMS marketing for a cross-channel approach that continues to drive sales and growth for Stay Golden.

Email Design Transformation with Rocketer



Email Design Transformation with Rocketer

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Stay Golden

How we Skyrocketed Email/SMS with a Gen Z Viral Tiktok Brand