Braxley Bands

Launching the world’s most innovative RFID fanny pack

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Saved discount codes


Increased profit margin by


Launched new style product line


Braxton and Zach, brothers and founders of the company, started their journey in college with a simple project – designing the comfiest apple watch band. Their project turned into a full-fledged business, equipping more than 100,000 customers with the most comfortable apple watch band on the market.


While the apple watch industry is worth billions of dollars, Braxton and Zach realized that the market for apple watch bands is only a small percentage of Apple product buyers. They decided to launch a new product line that could appeal to a wider audience. They came up with a revolutionary product – an RFID-blocking fanny pack, the first of its kind. However, they faced the challenge of standing out in a crowded market and building a customer base for their new product line. Additionally, they didn’t have an email and SMS foundation to capture traffic for potential customers interested in their new product. Meanwhile, they realized that their 30,000 discount codes were leaked, putting the company at risk of losing revenue and devaluing their brand.


To overcome the challenges, our team helped Braxton and Zach craft stellar email designs to highlight their new product line. We made sure that their email and SMS campaigns resonated with their target audience, differentiating between how they would talk to an apple watch band user and a fanny pack wearer. They set up an email and SMS foundation to capture two ends of the customer spectrum and engage with them in a personalized manner. To solve the discount problem, our team navigated the leak of their discount codes and launched a welcome offer that made them appear as less of a discount-heavy brand but more of a value-based brand


Our efforts paid off as they were able to save more than 30,000 discount codes, potentially increasing the profit margin by 5-10%. We helped them successfully launched an innovative welcome offer that will save the company tens of thousands, if not, hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run. We transformed their emails and SMS, creating a personalized communication channel with their customers. The email and sms channel was significant, as they had to differentiate between communicating with their original target audience, apple watch band users, and their new target audience, fanny pack wearers. Now they feel more confident with us in speaking to two different customer groups effectively, engaging more customers and building a loyal customer base.

Email Design Transformation with Rocketer



Email Design Transformation with Rocketer

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Braxley Bands

Launching the world’s most innovative RFID fanny pack

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