Rural Butcher Supplies

Revenue Doubled Month Over Month by 200% for Rural Butcher Supplies


Rural Butcher Supplies is a leading butcher equipment supplier in Australia and New Zealand known for its affordability and quality. The company was co-founded by a father and daughter duo who wanted to offer a range of high-quality butchery tools and equipment that were accessible to all.


Ronelza, the founder, was heavily reliant on ads to drive traffic and sales, which was becoming increasingly expensive. While customer acquisition was good, the company felt that it was leaving a lot of money on the table with no automation and no campaigns. Additionally, customers were receiving basic email designs and copy, and the company was not capitalizing on cross-sells with its SKUs.


To address these challenges, Rural Butcher Supplies partnered with our team to revamp its email and SMS marketing efforts. We began by rebranding the company’s flows to match its existing copy, which helped to ensure consistency in messaging across all channels.

Next, we implemented SMS campaigns, which proved highly effective in engaging customers and driving sales. These campaigns were highly segmented based on cold, warm, and hot subscribers, and we also retargeted previous purchasers from months ago. By taking this approach, we were able to re-engage customers who may have fallen off the radar and drive additional sales from existing customers.


“We are so glad that we partnered with [insert company name] to revamp our email and SMS marketing efforts. They truly understood our business needs and went above and beyond to help us drive sales and revenue. Their expertise and guidance were invaluable, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. We would highly recommend [insert company name] to anyone looking to grow their business through effective marketing strategies.”


Thanks to our efforts, Rural Butcher Supplies saw a 200% increase in revenue month over month. This was a significant improvement from their previous reliance on ads and basic email campaigns. Additionally, we helped the company launch a unique knife set product, which sold out within two weeks, demonstrating the effectiveness of our SMS campaigns and targeted messaging.

We also saw a significant increase in SMS click-through rates (CTRs), with some campaigns reaching as high as 27%. This was a testament to the effectiveness of our highly segmented and targeted campaigns. Overall, orders increased by 62%, demonstrating the success of our approach in driving sales and revenue for Rural Butcher Supplies.

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