How Pwuffy Achieved a 40%+ Email and SMS Attributable Revenue with Our Marketing Solutions

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Joyce, founder of Pwuffy, is a Tiktok brand that sells cute and kawaii plush and accessories, specifically targeting 15-25 year old females of Gen Z. With a following of over 1 million on Tiktok, Pwuffy is a viral sensation that quickly gained traction.


When Pwuffy first approached us, only 5% of their revenue was attributed to email and SMS marketing. They had previously worked with another agency that provided basic email designs and vague copywriting, which did not align with their branding and did not resonate with their target audience. Furthermore, they lacked automations to capitalize on various collections and did not tie in their Tiktok fanbase in a cross-channel approach.


Our team provided email designs that matched their branding guidelines and conducted extensive research to understand their target audience’s language and preferences. We also coordinated with their Tiktok videos to promote their products and preorder launches.


Over the course of our one-year partnership, we successfully increased Pwuffy’s email and SMS attributable revenue to 40%+ within just a few months and maintained, if not increased, that percentage in the months thereafter. We launched 30+ products and started and grew their Pwuffy Club, a monthly membership club, to a collective 500+ members with recurring subscriptions.

One of our most significant successes was the preorder launch of one of their top viral Tiktok products, which sold out within one week of launch. Our tailored email and SMS marketing strategies played a significant role in this achievement. Adhering to Rocketeer Media’s guidance throughout the partnership and carrying out our recommended strategies, Pwuffy to this day still captures 40% of their revenue from email and sms, two key platforms to capitalize on their ongoing product launches and viral successful Tiktok videos.

Email Design Transformation with Rocketer



Email Design Transformation with Rocketer

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